House In The MidSouth !!! presents

The GOODLife DJ Jam Session was a concept created by Maurice Dantzler AKA, but he is not an AKA he is an Omega, but that is another story. His DJ handle is the “Dantz King”. Thanks to the Dantz King we are able to have monthly DJ Jam Sessions at he and his wife’s dance studio. Properly call the DanzHouse. It is located at 7277 Winchester Road in East Memphis.

The other wonderful musical technicians that play here monthly are: Eddie “RawHouse” Starks, Kelly Whigham, DJ TJ Carter & DJ Brandon. We look forward to seeing you at one of our next events. Please keep up with the House In The MidSouth !!! movement. On Facebook MidSouth Loves Chicago House In The MidSouth !!! Facebook page, Instagram @HouseInTheMidSouth & Twitter @HouseNMidSouth. We even have a HOTline number for quick updates. Call or Text 901.654.7632. Thanks for your support…

Click for more information on the DJ Jam Session May event .

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